About Me

Hi. I’m Julia Kwan.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m literally an old lady that’s 28 years old and a marketer, an avid reader, and an enneagram #2 (helper).

Thank you for taking an interest in My Own Narrative. I’m excited to share my life, my thoughts, the books that I’m reading, and the people who inspire me. This started out as a way to tell my mental health journey, but I felt inspired to do so much more. As a marketer, I secretly hope that doing this blog could make me the next Jillian Harris type influencer (hello free stuff and endorsement deals), but honestly, I’ll settle for being someone you can relate to and hope that my content will make you smile.


  • Wife to Andrew 
  • Senior Marketing Manager at BC Women’s Health Foundation 
  • Born and raised in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada 
  • Gemini 
  • Dog lover 
  • Feminist 
  • Carb lover